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Meena Ratu, Black Country Sight Loss Council, highlights what volunteering means to her and why you should join our Sight Loss Councils.

Passionate about making a difference? What to create and influence positive change? Our Sight Loss Councils, led by blind and partially sighted volunteers, are recruiting new members.

Sight Loss Councils are led by blind and partially sighted members who used their lived experience to create positive change. Together, we tackle local issues and work with businesses and service providers to improve the accessibility of their services.

Join us to help ensure visually impaired people in your area can live the lives they want to lead.

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Video description

In the video, Sight Loss Council member Meena is sat on a black chair facing the camera. She is wearing a black dress with a multi-coloured flower design on the sleeves, and has long brown hair. There is a Sight Loss Council banner to her right. The banner says: ‘Led by blind and partially sighted volunteers, we tackle local and national issues, and improve the accessibility of services.’ It also shows the website address:

A slide with blue text is shown when Meena is asked a question by the interviewer, Nicola, who is not shown on camera.


Meena: My name’s Meena and I’m from the Black Country Sight Loss Council.

Nicola: What does being a Sight Loss Council volunteer mean to you?

Meena: Being a volunteer for the Sight Loss Councils, it has a massive, positive effect on me. It’s helped me grow as a person, and I’ve definitely grown in confidence since I’ve been with them for the last two years.

Nicola: Tell us about a Sight Loss Council project that you’ve been involved.

Meena: I’ve been involved in the sight loss training awareness course, which has been delivered across the West Midlands, and has made a huge difference to educate people. The difference I think that training has made, it’s made more people aware of how to understand the VI community, which definitely makes me happy.

Nicola: Why should other blind and partially sighted people join us?

Meena: I would encourage for you to come forward and definitely consider being a volunteer as it gives you the great opportunity to network with other people, share your lived experiences and have fun through your journey.

Nicola: Join us and become a Sight Loss Council volunteer. To find out more, visit 

Sight Loss Councils and Thomas Pocklington Trust logos.

End of transcript.

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