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The Black Country Sight Loss Council held a launch event in August 2018 at Beacon Centre in Wolverhampton. Since then, the Council has grown and is now actively participating in local projects to improve accessibility.

Meet the Sight Loss Council members

Gill Dean

Gillian was born with congenital cataracts. While at university, she also developed glaucoma in one eye, in which the sight has now gone completely. She has had a variety of jobs – medical social work, an admin post with an electricity company, teaching Braille and basic literacy and lastly as a support worker assisting young adults with either a physical disability or an acquired brain injury. She joined the SLC two and a half years ago and enjoys tackling local concerns and meeting other VI people from the area.

Ivan Mortimer

Ivan worked in engineering for 45 years. He has had bad sight all his life and joined the Sight loss Council two and a half years ago to highlight and improve some of the problems blind and partially sighted people face.

Ray Gormley

Ray joined the Black Country SLC when it was first set up in 2017 but he was no stranger to volunteering. He sits on the board of Sandwell Visually Impaired (SVI) and records articles for SVI’s Sandwell Talking News (STN). He is also active with West Bromwich Local History Society.

A graduate in politics and social policy from Bristol University, Ray has had held many jobs in his life. He worked in a cycle component factory before becoming a piano tuner for 15 years and worked for Disability West Midlands.

Other Sight Loss Council members

Caroline Kinnings

Clare Williams

James Preston

Permjit (Perm) Bhacchu

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