Going for a stress-free walk is something many take for granted. But for blind and partially sighted people, the reality is very different.

Fast and silent e-scooters are putting blind and partially sighted people at risk. Cars parked on pavements force people to step into the road, risking injury from potential oncoming traffic. Chairs and tables outside restaurants, A-Boards and overhanging bushes are all obstacles to avoid.

Visually Impaired people should be able to enjoy our nation’s public spaces independently and safely. Our streets should be accessible to everyone.

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Phase 2: Inaccessible Street Designs


The second phase of our campaign launched on 18 January 2021, and focuses on the importance of inclusive and accessible street redesigns.

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Phase 1: E-scooters and Pavement Parking


The first phase of our campaign, launched in October 2020 and focused on e-scooter safety and encouraged politicians to respond to the Government’s consultation on pavement parking.

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