Accessible buses are a huge part of the transport infrastructure used by blind and partially sighted people. 69% of public transport journeys in Great Britain were made on local buses in the financial year ending 2021. They are the most heavily used public transport mode by people with mobility difficulty.[1]

Blind and partially sighted people can face a range of challenges accessing bus services, including having to navigate unfamiliar layouts whilst the bus is travelling. That’s why Sight Loss Councils regularly run ‘Meet the Buses’ events across the country.


Meet the Bus events promoting accessible buses

Meet the bus events enable blind and partially sighted people to walk through the layout of different bus styles, speak to drivers and training managers about their experiences and discuss how changes can be made to improve accessibility. They also allow drivers and staff to wear simulation glasses to understand the challenges blind and partially sighted people can face when travelling.

Find out more about our Manchester meet the bus event

Read more about our meet the bus event in Wolverhampton 


Accessible buses while social distancing

Navigation for blind and partially sighted people were exacerbated by social distancing rules during the pandemic.

Watch the video, created by First Bus in partnership with Sight Loss Councils, on social distancing information for blind and partially sighted passengers


Improved signage and travel information

As well as the buses themselves, blind and partially sighted people can face accessibility challenges navigating their way across the network. #MakeTransportAccessible has campaigned for improved signage at bus stops.

Read how Birmingham Sight Loss Council has worked with the West Midlands Combined Authority to significantly improving accessibility

#MakeTransportAccessible has also campaigned to introduce audio-visual announcements.

Read how Gloucester Sight Loss Council worked with Stagecoach West to improve audio-visual announcements on its Cheltenham town centre routes


[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/nts03-modal-comparisons#travel-by-car-access-household-income-household-type-ns-sec-and-mobility-status

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