Briefcase symbol denoting employmentThere are an estimated 20,000 blind and partially sighted people working in every major category of employment in the UK. Although blind and partially sighted people succeed in a wide variety of roles, we know they are still under represented in the labour market, due to the challenges they face accessing jobs. Sight Loss Councils are dedicated to raising awareness of the challenges experienced by blind and partially sighted job seekers and aiding their prospects into employment.

Sight loss councils will continue to work with employers, job centres, recruitment specialists and higher and further education facilities to ensure better transition into the workplace. Alongside this, each region will have a Working Age Forum featuring inspirational speakers and networking opportunities for blind and partially sighted people of working age.


Employment Projects

Birmingham Sight Loss Council chair a West Midlands Employment Forum that meets regularly to discuss issues faced by people with sight loss when looking for work and how, as a sector, we can tackle them collaboratively. Forum members include RNIB, Birmingham Vision, Queen Alexandra College, Beacon Vision, Remploy and BID Services.


Successes in Employment

Image of the Suddenly Sightless creatorsThe Sight Loss Councils have successfully established a Working Age Forum (WAF) for blind and partially sighted people in the Birmingham area. The Working Age Forum is proving a success with an average attendance of around 50 people and new members joining every meeting.

Having hosted several events with a variety of guest speakers and networking sessions, the forum has seen progress in cultivating peer support and mentoring opportunities. Two attendees, Alex and Laura, who met at the very first event have become close friends and now colleagues. They have created their own podcast, Suddenly Sightless, which focuses on life as a twenty-something female living with sight loss. The podcast aims to inspire and motivate others in their position. Sight Loss Councils are proud to have played a part in this collaboration, you can listen to the Suddenly Sightless podcast here.


Partner with Sight Loss Councils

If you are an employer, who would like to learn more about recruiting a more diverse work force, how to make adaptations for blind and partially sighted staff or would like to speak at our working age forum, please get in touch.

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