‘Top tips for retailers’ video transcript

“Hello, I’m Anthony from the Greater Manchester Sight Loss Council. I’m here to introduce to you our brand new ‘Top tips for retailers’ resource.

“The resource is a step-by-step guide of how you as retailers can help support us blind and partially sighted customers in everything from navigating your store, locating items, the purchasing process exiting the store, and so much in between.

“It’s jam packed full of tips and advice. We are really proud of this body of work which, at its heart, has an ambition to make retail more accessible, not just for blind and partially sighted customers, but for everyone.

“We are so excited that this resource is being launched this Purple Tuesday, 1 November, and can be found at www.sightlosscouncils.org.uk/inclusive-communities-resources

“Thank you for listening.”




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