Orange bus icon denoting transport themeTransport is a huge issue for blind and partially sighted people everywhere and significantly impacts on independent living. 40% of blind and partially sighted people are unable to make all the journeys that they want or need to make. This is mainly due to lack of accessibility, availability, mobility and confidence issues and not being able to travel alone.

Sight Loss Councils work with local transport companies to improve their accessibility and staff training so that blind and partially sighted people can confidently use public transport.

Success in Transport

Sight Loss Councils have been working to address the concerns blind and partially sighted people have around e-scooters, namely that they are faster, heavier and have greater acceleration than in other European countries. They are also almost impossible to hear.

E-scooter guidance

We have been working with E-scooter operator Tier who have committed to installing Acoustic Vehicle Alert systems on their e-scooters.

Read more here

Covid-19 guidance

Sight Loss Councils have produced social distancing guidance for transport providers as part of our Distancing Blind campaign.

First Bus: Social Distancing information video

The Bristol Sight Loss Council worked with First bus on a video with social distancing information for blind and partially sighted passengers.

Watch it here

Improving taxi access in Bristol

The Bristol Sight Loss council has been working with the city council’s taxi licensing team as there are significant concerns from people with a visual impairment about driver attitudes and treatment. The SLC has also met with the biggest taxi company in the city and suggested improvements they could make to their service.

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