What matters to blind and partially sighted people?

Sight Loss Councils and national charity Thomas Pocklington Trust are asking blind and partially sighted people across the country what matters to them throughout November.

This forms part of Listening Month 2022, a special month of activities and events across the country. Listening month aims to reach and listen to as many blind and partially sighted people as possible.

Listening Month is also an opportunity for Sight Loss Councils and Thomas Pocklington Trust to talk about their work with blind and partially sighted people. They will also raise how they can help to tackle the issues highlighted by everyone who takes part.

Sight Loss Councils are led by blind and partially sighted members. Together, they tackle local issues and work with businesses and service providers to improve the accessibility of their services.

Thomas Pocklington Trust is a national charity which funds Sight Loss Councils. The charity supports blind and partially sighted people with a focus on employment, education and engagement, helping them to lead the lives they want to lead.

Did you know there are currently more than two million blind and partially sighted people in the UK? In addition, one in five people will be blind and partially sighted in their lifetime.

Blind and partially sighted volunteers and staff are sat around circular tables, facing forwards, listening to a presentation.

Blind and partially sighted volunteers, and TPT staff, listen to presentations about the impact of Sight Loss Councils’ and TPT’s work in the local community, and nationally.


Get involved in listening month

The centrepiece of Listening Month is a national survey targeting blind and partially sighted people. This is joined by wider events and activity happening across the country led by Sight Loss Councils.

Our survey, and feedback from these wider events and activities, will be drawn together into a report. The charity will use this to inform their campaigns and work in the coming year on a regional and national basis.  We will share these results with Sight Loss Council volunteers, wider organisations, and the government and partners. This will also help to form their future work.

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Mike Bell, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns at Thomas Pocklington Trust, said:

“This month, as part of Listening Month, we are asking blind and partially sighted people to tell us what matters to them the most. This information will inform our future campaign work, services and work with partners.

“We are encouraging everyone to share details of our national survey and activities with your contacts, helping us to reach out to as many blind and partially sighted people as possible.”

We will share results of this research and use it to inform our future work, and the work of our volunteers.”


What matters to you?

Are you blind or partially sighted?


Complete our Listening Month survey

Know someone who is blind or partially sighted? Please share our survey with your friends and contacts. You can also use our hashtag #ListeningMonth2022 on social media.


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Publication date: 28 October 2022

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