Walking blind through Hove redevelopment

Members of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Transport Projects and Engineering Team will experience how it feels to navigate Hove’s busiest streets with a visual impairment. The team will wear simulation spectacles (sim specs) that mirror various sight conditions many Brighton & Hove residents have.

The walk on 6 September follows talks with East Sussex Sight Loss Council (SLC) about proposed developments to the Hove station corridor. During the recent consultation, Dave Smith the SLC Engagement Manager and SLC member, Iris Keppler, visited the site and raised concerns about how the proposed changes will impact blind and partially sighted (BPS) people.

East Sussex SLC members will join the walk and provide their views on how the proposed changes can take into consideration the needs of BPS people.

Steve Saunders and his guide dog Rosie, the Aids & Equipment Co-ordinator from East Sussex Vision Support, will also join the walk and share his views as a guide dog user.

Staff attending from the council include Lesley Heath, Project support Officer; Jazmine Hayes and James Hammond, Senior Project Managers; and Freya Woodhouse and Jonathan Martin who are Project Officers.

East Sussex SLC Engagement Manager, David Smith said:

“It’s great that the Brighton & Hove City Council Transport Projects and Engineering Team have agreed to go on a simulation specs walk with us and learn more about the barriers blind and partially sighted people face with navigating public spaces.

“We hope that the simulation specs walk and listening to the views of the East Sussex Sight Loss Council members will mean they can ensure that the needs of blind and partially sighted people are considered during the planning stages of any future developments and projects.”

Lesley Heath, Project Support Officer for Transport Projects and Engineering Team said:

“We’re really looking forward to working with the East Sussex Sight Loss Council and learning more about what barriers and challenges blind and partially sighted people face navigating streets and public spaces.

We are also hoping to find out about how we can make our consultation material more accessible to ensure that everyone is included in future public consultations”.

The event will start at Hove Town Hall. Attendees will then walk through some of the busier parts of Hove including Church Road, George Street and Norton Road.


Find out more about the work of our Sight Loss Council’s. 

Publication date: 01 September 2022

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