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Video description:

Amrit, London Sight Loss Council member, is stood at the base of the Covent Garden Christmas Tree. It is well-known for its size, measuring over 60 feet tall. In the video, Amrit is looking up at the tree, before she takes a few steps back to see if she can see how tall it is. She then approaches the base of the tree to feel the size of the wooden barrel it sits in. At the end of the video, the camera pans out to look up at the tree, before going to Amrit, who is captured standing at the base of the tree, smiling at the camera.


So, I’m scared of the Covent Garden Christmas Tree.

I don’t know how much of it I’m going to be able to make out because my vision is going very rapidly, my light vision.

So, let’s see when I open my eyes, how much of it I can see. One, two, three.

You see anything?

Yeah! Yeah? Yes! Yes? Yes.

Oh my gosh, I can. Is it, is it flickering? The lights are flickering? I

t’s not, well, some of them are. Can you make out the colour of the lights? Can you see any colours? This is very simple colours.

Blue? Is there a blue?

There’s red, and there’s silver.

Okay. I saw the flash of the silver.

If you tip your head back I thought you could sense how tall the tree is. Yes, up there. It’s right up there. So I’m leaning backwards, keep coming back towards me. Keep looking up. It’s up, it’s very tall. It’s massive.

It’s massive. I can definitely, I can’t see the red, but I can see the silver.

Okay, right. I’ll take it all the way up, and you can feel how thick the bucket is. So, if you feel in front of you, okay, there are two black straps on this. This is the pot.

That’s that’s the pot?

So that’s a black strap. Oh my gosh. If you feel on top of you, there’s another strap on top of you. Keep reaching up, there’s a second strap.

Oh my gosh!

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