York SLC campaign to make restaurants more accessible

York Sight Loss Council is launching a campaign to transform the quality of service blind and partially sighted people experience in eating establishments across York.

Through the scheme blind and partially sighted customers will be able to go on a pre-visit to a participating restaurant to experience the restaurant’s layout, lighting, location of cloakrooms and menus. This will promote greater confidence among blind and partially sighted customers to visit these independently. In return, participating establishments will receive accessibility and VI awareness training – so staff are better aware of the needs of visually impaired people when they visit their restaurant.

York is a buzzing tourist hotspot with more than 600 places to eat – from simple coffee shops to Michelin star restaurants. On Purple Tuesday Sight Loss Council members will be kicking off the campaign and visiting some of these establishments to get them on board.

Iain Mitchell Engagement Manager for the region says:

“York is a vibrant city to live and visit. There is so much competition to attract custom we feel this is a great opportunity for restaurants to demonstrate how they go over and above in their standards of customer service in welcoming blind and partially sighted people. We know that people are more likely to return to places where they have had a great experience – and tell their friends.  So by creating an equal and inclusive York for everyone to enjoy – it’s a win-win!”


Verity Peat Sight Loss Council member for York says

“We have started to approach restaurants and work alongside them to become welcoming places for blind and partially sight people to step out in confidence and be a part of a social and inclusive environment.”


Publication date: 01 November 2021

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