Worcestershire Sight Loss Council Launches

Today marks the launch of Worcestershire Sight Loss Council (SLC). We are also recruiting new members.

Worcestershire SLC is our fifteenth Sight Loss Council and joins an expanding network of SLC’s across the country. Together, we work to improve access to products and services at a local and national level.

Sight Loss Councils, funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust, are led by blind and partially sighted people. We advocate the needs of visually impaired people in our communities and work to improve access to goods and services at a local and national level.


Worcester SLC launch meeting. From left to right: Laura Tambin and guide dog Rose, Engagement manager Louise Connop, Millie Hayter, SLC coordinator Ashleigh Bryant, and SLC member, Edward Jackson.

From left to right: SLC member Laura Tambin and Guide Dog Rose, Louise Connop, Senior Engagement Manager for Central England, SLC member Millie Hayter, SLC co-ordinator, Ashleigh Bryant, and SLC member, Edward Jackson.


Louise Connop, Senior Engagement Manager for Central England, said:

“Sight Loss Councils are made up of individuals with lived experience of sight loss. They come together to work with goods and service providers to raise awareness, provide invaluable insight, and make positive change within their communities.

“Worcestershire is our 15th SLC to launch in England and we are really looking forward to working across the county. Projects are led by SLC members who will speak with the wider sight loss community to find out what really matters to them.  This could include access to transport, health providers, built environments, or hospitality.

“We have places available to join our new Sight Loss Council. I would encourage any blind or partially sighted people in the region to get in touch to find out more.”

Millie Hayter, our newest SLC member, said:

“I have joined Worcestershire Sight Loss Council as I would like to create some positive changes for the VI community. I am very passionate about helping others and would like to be part of a team that works on projects to make a positive difference.”

Edward Jackson added:

“Around two years ago I lost my sight, which significantly changed my life. It has been a tough journey readjusting and I would love to help ease a new way of life for others.

“I feel that as more people join our Sight Loss Councils, we can collectively share life experiences and create a better understanding for everyone.”

Laura Tambin finished by adding:

“I applied to become a volunteer for Worcestershire Sight Loss Council because I am registered severely sight impaired and it’s really important to have the views of blind and partially sighted people represented. Especially when important decisions are being made about things that affect us in our region.

“I want to make the community more inclusive and accessible, free from barriers for those with sight loss – like myself.  Volunteering for Worcestershire Sight Loss Council feels like the perfect way to do this.”


Worcestershire Sight Loss Council will meet once a month and base its work on our three priority areas: Employment and skills, Health and Well-being, and Inclusive Communities.

If you are passionate about advocating for change then we would love to hear from you.


Join Worcestershire Sight Loss Council

You will work with policy makers and local service providers to improve access for blind and partially sighted people in your local community. It is also a great opportunity to come together with other blind and partially sighted people in your area. This is your chance to gain advocacy skills and influence positive change.

Find out more about volunteering for Sight Loss Councils in our Volunteer Role Description – Volunteer Role Description Sight Loss Council Member (DOCX, 60 KB).

Apply online


Read more about the work of our Sight Loss Councils and our three key priority areas via the link below.

Learn more about our work

If you have any further questions, please email info@sightlosscouncils.org

Publication date: 30 November 2022

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