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A new Sight Loss Council has launched in Essex. Essex Sight Loss Council will campaign for positive change and tackle a range of issues affecting blind and partially sighted people, such as e-scooter safety and access to health and social care.

Essex Sight Loss Council, funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust, will join the network of Sight Loss Councils across the country, working to improve access to products and services at a local and national level.

Essex SLC member Sam said:

“As a sighted person, I wasn’t aware of the difficulties that blind or sight-impaired people faced. When I became blind seven years ago, I realised how frustrating things can be and how even the smallest of changes can make a massive difference. I believe that we all have the right to freedom, enjoyment, happiness.”


Engagement Manager Masuma Ali said:

“I am looking forward to working with our members and improving access to products and services for blind and partially sighted people in Essex. In preparation for launch, I’ve been reaching out to the community to forge links and understand the issues visually impaired residents face in the region. I have reached out to e-scooter operator Spin to discuss e-scooter safety. I have spoken with local VI organisations to try and understand the challenges for blind and partially sighted people in Essex, such as Support 4 Sight.”


The Sight Loss Council will meet once a month and base its work on three priority areas: Employment and skills, Health and well-being and Inclusive Communities.


Essex SLC member Rose is very enthusiastic about the launch; she said:

“Having the Sight Loss Councils will give us a chance to regain our streets. It will also allow us to join forces with the other sight loss charities within Essex and give us a far stronger voice than what we’ve had before.”


The council is still open to applications from new members. Masuma adds: “By joining Essex Sight Loss Council, you will have the opportunity to socialise with people who share similar interests and develop your skills.”

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Publication date: 29 September 2021

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