Council top team experience walking through city with a visual impairment

Representatives from Gloucester City Council joined Gloucestershire Sight Loss Council volunteers to experience the challenges faced by people with visual impairments navigating around Gloucester.

Among those who took part were Wayne Hands, Alun Davies and Julie Stephens from the Sight Loss Council together with the Mayor of Gloucester, Councillor Howard Hyman; the Sheriff, Councillor Joanne Brown and the leader of Gloucester City Council, Councillor Richard Cook.

Each were given sim specs which simulate various eye conditions and give an insight to how it feels to walk with a visual impairment. This enabled them to experience the challenges faced by people with visual impairments as they walked through the city.

Representatives from Gloucester City Council join Gloucestershire Sight Loss Council to take a tour of the city wearing simulation glasses. This is to experience the challenges faced by people with visual impairments.

From left to right: Melissa Joice, Alun Davies, Julie Stephens, Cllr Richard Cook, Leader of Gloucester City Council, Bev Headman-Fearon, Cllr Howard Hyman, Mayor of Gloucester, Cllr Joanne Brown Deputy Mayor and Sheriff of Gloucester, Philip Walker, Jon McGinty, Abi Marshall, Liam Moran.


Councillor Richard Cook, said:

“I am grateful to Alun, Wayne and Julie for coming along and facilitating the walk which highlighted the challenges faced by those with visual impairments.”

The group discussed possible changes to make Gloucester more accessible for those who are blind or partially sighted. Work is already underway in partnership with the Sight Loss Council around improving the navigation of the city council’s website. They are also looking at how the experience for blind or partially sighted visitors to its museums can be improved.

Councillor Cook added:

“Gloucester City Council will continue to work alongside our partners to enhance accessibility as part of our work towards building a greener, fairer, better Gloucester.”

Read the full story on Gloucester City Council’s website

Publication date: 07 July 2022

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