The journey of a Sight Loss Council member

We know volunteering is often a stepping stone into employment – a way to develop skills and increase confidence.

Following our ‘Meet the MPs’ event at Westminster, Rick Asquith, one of the founding members of York Sight Loss Council, shared with us what volunteering with the SLC means to him and how this has grown his confidence.

This is his story.


“A partially sighted boy was born in 1966 in Hull. Being born in a Northern city at that time was a bit of a curse.

“You had the same experience in the school. We were seen as educational right-offs. Because we had wonky eyes, we were seen as having wonky brains.

“We were seen as stupid. Completely unteachable!

“My Dad became a founder member of Hull Blind and Partially Sighted Society on my behalf. He fought for me. And I got into Exhall Grange School and got an Eton level education.

“More importantly, it gave me confidence to go out in the world. To live in London. Marry the most wonderful woman in the world and bring up two fantastic daughters.

“Since then, I just got on with life, thinking you have no excuses, just do it. In my less than a year with York SLC, I have learnt it’s not that simple.

“Then yesterday, it was amazing. We had a job to do and I hope I did it well.

“It wasn’t until I got home and was laid in bed that I thought, ‘that kid from Hull who was seen as stupid because of his sight got to talk to MPs and get serious points across about us’.

“Being a member of York Sight Loss Council has actually boosted my confidence.”


Rick Asquith, York Sight Loss Council

Publication date: 12 April 2022

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