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The Blind Spot: New podcast tells the stories, challenges and triumphs of blind and partially sighted people

Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) has launched a new podcast sharing the stories and life experiences of blind and partially sighted people.

In its first episode, The Blind Spot features visually impaired people from our Bristol Sight Loss Council who have made real positive change in services, access and facilities for blind and partially sighted people across Bristol. They discuss their highlights, challenges and successes over this last year.

Through the Bristol Sight Loss Council, which celebrated its first year this month, this inspiring group of people has undertaken a raft of projects including visual awareness training for GP surgeries and working with First Bus to improve bus travel.

Bristol Sight Loss Council member, Liz Illingworth, said: “The highlight  for me has been that, through all our work and the contacts we’ve made, we are becoming a recognisable force in the city.”

The Sight Loss Council (SLC), funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust and led by blind and partially sighted volunteers, advocates the needs, and campaigns on behalf of, blind and partially sighted people in the area.

Emma Hughes, Director of Services at TPT, said: “Far too often the voices of blind and partially sighted people go unheard and their potential and achievements go unnoticed.

“The Blind Spot Podcast will invite blind and partially sighted people to tell their stories and shine a light on the highs and the lows of what it means to be a blind person living in Britain today. The podcast will also highlight TPT’s work supporting blind and partially sighted people to live the life they want to lead.”

Listen now to the podcast:


 The Blind Spot future issues will include:

  • Life after Lockdown: The social distancing challenges faced by visually impaired people.
  • Student stories: Tips and experiences of further and higher education, including the challenges in accessing student support and Disabled Students Allowance.
  • Employment: Personal experiences of looking for work as a blind and partially sighted person.
  • Activism and campaigning: Stories from visually impaired people working to advocate for blind and partially sighted people

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Publication date: 15 October 2020

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