#StreetsForAll: The dangers of e-scooters on the pavement

Rhi is a visually impaired graduate from Cambridge. She says increasing numbers of e-scooters dumped on the pavement, are having a negative and anxiety-inducing impact on her commute to work. And she is not the only one.

Incidents of badly parked e-scooters are on the rise – they are just being left in the middle of pavements, at the top of staircases and blocking doorways. This is why We need your help.

Raise awareness of the dangers by sharing photos and videos of badly parked e-scooters using the hashtag #StreetsForAll. We will pass your photos and videos on to the e-scooter operators and urge them to clamp down on irresponsible parking.

Our #StreetsForAll campaign is calling for:

Dedicated parking bays for e-scooters

A reduction to the 15.5mph speed limit

The installation of sound-emitting devices

Geotagging to prevent pavement use


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Publication date: 10 May 2021

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