“I want to champion the rights of people with sight loss” 

Mohammed, Sight Loss Council member

Mohammed is a fantastic advocate for blind and partially sighted people. He has volunteered for the Sight Loss Council along with supporting the ECLO (Eye Clinic Liaison Officer) at a local sight loss society and he is also a fundraiser, speaker and mentor for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

When asked about his motivation for volunteering, Mohammed says “I want to give back to my community and put a smile on someone’s face – that sense of achievement is something money can’t buy”. Mohammed’s commitment led to a national award for volunteering last year, the result of a campaign he ran to allow his Guide Dog into his local Mosque.

For his role on the Birmingham Sight Loss Council, Mohammed was keen to explore campaigns surrounding transport, accessible information and employment. He said “I want to change people’s perceptions about blind and partially sighted people. I want to champion the rights of people with sight loss and the Birmingham Sight Loss Council is a great and unique way to do this.”

Through volunteering, Mohammed has built his confidence and improved his prospects and as a result he has started a full-time job. Ultimately, Mohammed’s goal is to become an ECLO so he can support more people on their sight loss journey using his own experiences.

Publication date: 15 October 2020

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