Launch of South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council

Thomas Pocklington Trust is delighted to announce the launch of South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council. It joins our ever-expanding network of Sight Loss Councils (SLCs) across England and Scotland.

Four local authorities make up South Yorkshire (SY): Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, and Sheffield. SY SLC volunteer members met in Sheffield, the largest of these areas, for our first face-to-face meeting in April.

This meeting was a significant milestone, uniting the founding members of SY SLC. It marked the start of a collective journey, where we aim to work hand in hand with our partners and service providers. Together, we aspire to transform South Yorkshire into a more inclusive and accessible place for blind and partially sighted people, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

South Yorkshire SLC members sat around a board room table during their first face-to-face meeting. From left to right: Janiece, Iain Mitchell, Senior Engagement Manager for North England, Ameen, Helen, and Parv. They are in mid-conversation.

Members of South Yorkshire SLC during their first face-to-face meeting

Future plans

We have many exciting plans in the pipeline, including organising an event introducing blind and partially sighted people to new sport and leisure activities. Volunteers are eager to collaborate with partners from transport providers to councils to healthcare bodies, and many other service providers. We believe that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of visually impaired individuals in South Yorkshire.

Janiece Wallace, South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council volunteer, said:

Headshot of Janiece, South Yorkshire SLC member. She has long dark hair and is wearing sunglasses. She is smiling at the camera.“I’m excited about joining South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council. The group aligns with my passion for championing positive life experiences for our visually impaired community.

“I want the opportunity to share my lived experiences of sight loss, engage in meaningful discussions, and add value to the ongoing work of Thomas Pocklington Trust.”

Iain Mitchell, Senior Engagement Manager for Yorkshire and Humberside Sight Loss Councils, said:

Headshot of Iain Mitchell, Senior Engagement Manager for York & Humber. He is looking at the camera smiling. he is wearing a white shirt and grey, patterned tie.“South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council now means that, from Richmond to Sheffield, the voices of blind and partially sighted (BPS) people have a platform in Yorkshire.

“There is much to be done so that South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council can work alongside other regional SLCs on various projects. These projects will also enable BPS people to have equal opportunities regarding accessing public transport and health services.

“We look forward to exploring the opportunity to host a ‘Let’s Get Active’ day. These are multi-sport taster days that BPS people can come along to and have taster sessions in a range of VI sports. Watch this space for more details.”

If you would like to collaborate with South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council on a project, please get in touch.

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Publication date: 31 May 2024

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