Increasing the parking etiquette of e-bikes and e-scooters

Sight Loss Councils (SLC) are working with e-scooter and e-bike providers to promote parking etiquette, work for which we were shortlisted for a national award.

As part of this work, London SLC’s have worked with Lime – the world’s largest provider of shared electric bikes and scooters – to promote responsible parking amongst its users.

In this short social media video, filmed by Lime, SLC member Leanne explains the impact of inappropriate e-bike parking on blind and partially sighted people.

As part of Sight Loss Council’s 2022 Listening Month campaign, seventy-five per cent of BPS people said that street safety mattered most to them. Lime and Sight Loss Councils are working closely together to inspire safe, tidy and responsible e-bike parking, while ensuring affordable and green transport remains available to all.

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Working together to create positive change

Leanne, London Sight Loss Council member, said:

“We are working with Lime to educate riders on a safer and more helpful way to park their bikes. This will in turn help people with a visual impairment navigate pavements more safely without obstacles in their way

“It is important because this will help anyone, not just with a visual impairment but other disabilities too, to have a safe way of manoeuvring around pavements.

“I hope this joint project will make riders more mindful of where they park and think about how they are parking. It would be nice to know that riders have put more thought into where they leave their vehicles and the impact this act has on blind and partially sighted people.”

Read more about our campaign with Lime

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Publication date: 12 January 2024

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