Audio described diversionary routes

Bristol Sight Loss Council has worked with Bristol City Council to create two audio described diversionary routes. This follows the temporary closure of Gaol Ferry Bridge for essential repairs.

Gaol Ferry Bridge is a popular foot and cycle bridge which provides the main pedestrian access between Spike Island and Bedminster and Southville. The bridge closed in August 2022 for essential repairs, which are expected to last six to nine months.

Bristol Sight Loss Council has worked in partnership with Bristol City Council. They have created the audio described recordings to ensure accessibility for blind and partially sighted people during the temporary closure.


Image shows a man walking down the street, wearing headphones. He is smiling broadly. In the background, other pedestrians are seen, blurred out.

Image shows a man walking through a street, wearing headphones

What is Audio Description?

Audio description (AD) provides key information on visual elements, that blind and partially sighted people would otherwise miss out on. This enables BPS people to access content by listening to audio.

Alun Davies, Engagement Manager for the South-West, mapped out the routes.

He said:

“Bristol Sight Loss Council warmly welcomes the city council’s desire to work in partnership to develop this guide. It is vital that everything is done to make Bristol an accessible city for everyone. This guide is a small but important contribution to that aim.”

A spokesperson for Bristol City Council said:

“We have been pleased to work with Bristol Sight Loss Council to create audio recordings that map out the diversions while Gaol Ferry Bridge is temporarily closed for essential repairs.

“It’s important that we explore alternative formats to make sure the work we do does not disproportionately impact on blind and partially sighted people.

“This is the first time that we have done this. We have learned a lot from the process, especially how crucial it is to work in partnership to put audio guides together.

“We hope that the recordings will be useful to people following the diversions.”


For more information on the restoration of Gaol Ferry Bridge and to access the recordings, visit the council’s Gaol Ferry Bridge restoration web page.

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About Sight Loss Councils

Sight Loss Councils are led by blind and partially sighted members and funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust. We advocate the needs of visually impaired people in our communities and work to improve access to goods and services at a local and national level.

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Publication date: 25 November 2022

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