South Yorkshire Sight Loss Council: Meet the Members

Meet the staff

Iain Mitchell, Senior Engagement Manager for the North, speaking into a microphone. A SLC banner is behind him.

Iain Mitchell

Iain Mitchell is the Senior Engagement Manager for North England. He has worked at Thomas Pocklington Trust for over five years. South Yorkshire SLC is his sixth SLC launch.

Iain has been visually impaired since birth, born with Albinism, Nystagmus and photo sensitivity. Like many others, he wants to use his lived experience to create positive change.

Originally from Liverpool. Iain was previously the Engagement Manager for North West England. When the opportunity came along to manage Yorkshire and Humberside, he jumped at the chance to return having fallen in love with the area as a university student.

Iain has two lovely rescue dogs and enjoys walking them and the unconditional love they provide. He enjoys performance of all types and his speciality subject in quizzes is history! However, he says his real Achilles Heel is his love for Liverpool FC

Iain says: “We welcome everyone with a visual impairment to join us in the work we do. We want to raise awareness and influence change to help blind and partially sighted people to live the lives they want to lead.”

Headshot of Belle Whitely, West Yorkshire SLC member. Belle has long, brown, hair. She is looking at the camera, smiling.

Belle Whiteley

Belle is the Sight Loss Council coordinator for Yorkshire and Humberside.

Belle has the genetic eye condition, Stargardt’s disease, and has been losing her sight since she was eight years old. She is passionate about making a difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people due to her own personal experiences of living with sight loss.

Prior to working with Sight Loss Councils, she worked for Opera North. It was here she discovered her love of classical music.

In her spare time, Belle enjoys going to the theatre, spending time with friends, family, and her little dog, and exploring the world.

Meet the members

Photo of South Yorkshire SLC member, Helen Stirland. She is wearing a dark t-shirt and glasses, and is facing the camera, seated.

Helen Stirland

Helen was born with a rare genetic condition (Bardet Biedl Syndrome), but was not formally diagnosed until 2010. Helen was then re-registered in 2014 as severely visually impaired. Helen worked as a civil servant till 2017 when she retired due to her eye condition deteriorating.

Helen enjoys volunteering with her local museum and listening to books on audible. Working (volunteering) also with the local council on several focus groups to raise awareness of the implications of living with sight loss.

Helen is looking forward to working with the new South Yorkshire sight loss council to ensure people living with sight loss can have more opportunities for independence and support in the community. Helen hopes to raise awareness for accommodating visually impaired disabilities through communities.

Headshot of Janiece, South Yorkshire SLC member. She has long dark hair and is wearing sunglasses. She is smiling at the camera.

Janiece Wallace

Coming soon!

Parv, South Yorkshire SLC member. She has dark, shoulder length hair and is smiling as she faces the camera.

Parv Vashisht

Coming soon!



Photo of Ameen, South Yorkshire SLC member. Ameen is sitting at the table, looking towards the camera at an angle. He is smiling.

Ameen Memon

Coming soon!

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