Applying make-up and skincare when blind or partially sighted

Thursday 21 September 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Manchester Arndale, Manchester, M4 1AZ

Greater Manchester Sight Loss Council invites blind and partially sighted people to their ‘Applying make-up and skincare when blind or partially sighted’ event. We want you to leave with an increased confidence in choosing and applying your day-to-day products.

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We have some fantastic brands joining us for this special event. They include Kiehl’s Skincare, Lancome, Clarins, The Body Shop, Lush, and make-up specialists from Boots.

Greater Manchester Sight Loss Council (SLC) recently delivered a vision awareness session to everyone taking part in the event. This means staff have a clearer understanding of some of the difficulties BPS people face accessing these products.

During the event, make-up artists and skincare technicians will work with you on a one-to-one basis. You will receive advice on applying make-up and skincare products, understanding colours, what different products do, and how they should be applied.

An overhead image of a lady who is sitting down, having make up applied. A make-up artist's hand is seen at the edge of the image, applying lipstick with a brush.

A lady is having make-up applied by a make-up artist


Rachael Foley, Greater Manchester SLC member, said:

“This event will show blind and partially sighted people that applying makeup and skincare can be accessible for all.

“We invite men and women to join us. You will be able to touch and feel products and get advice on how to apply makeup and skincare products when you are vison impaired.

“I don’t wear much make-up because I’m not sure what colours go together or how to apply it. I am really excited for this event to get some advice.”

Mary Gilbertson, Greater Manchester SLC member, said:

“It’s great that BPS people are getting access to the expertise of professionals at this event. Applying make-up and skincare products is just one of the things that can be taken for granted for people who are fully sighted.”

Kelly Barton, Engagement Manager for the North West, said:

“We have wanted to host a make-up and skincare event as part of our retail project for some time. We’re frequently told by people with sight loss that this is one of the areas the really struggle with.

“All too often we’re asked, ‘how can you wear makeup if you can’t see?’ We’re here to change these perceptions.

“We are absolutely delighted to have so many amazing brands on board who are helping us to make this event happen.”

Debbie Ross, Business Manager for Kiehl’s in Boots, Market Street, Manchester, said:

“I am really looking forward to this event, we are so excited to be a part of it.

“We loved taking part in the vision awareness session earlier this month. Wearing sim-specs helped us to understand how blind and partially sighted people see.

“Our skin care products are for everyone and at Kiehl’s, we are keen to do more work with communities and charities to ensure inclusivity.”

Spaces are limited. Early booking is highly recommended.

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