Purple Tuesday 2021

On Purple Tuesday 2021 Sight Loss Councils all around the country have swung into action!

What is Purple Tuesday?

Purple Tuesday is a national event for organisations of all sizes from all sectors to get involved, with the common goal of improving the customer experience for disabled people. Sight Loss Councils across the UK, led by blind and partially sighted people, are raising awareness of Purple Tuesday.


Purple Tuesday guide for retailers

There are a number of small things retailers can do that make a huge difference to the experience for blind and partially sighted people.  We created a Purple Tuesday guide for retailers showing how stores can improve the accessibility of their shops and better support their visually impaired customers.

Read our Purple Tuesday guide for retailers

Making these changes makes business sense. There are 14.1M people with a disability in the UK (more than 2M are visually impaired) and it is estimated that the #PurplePound is worth £274 billion in the UK alone – yet more than 10% of companies do not have plans to access the disability market. Creating a good experience will encourage your customers to spend more and return.


#PurpleTuesday is about raising awareness of the value and needs of disabled customers and making the customer experience accessible to all.


Sight Loss Councils taking action!

Sight Loss Councils across the country marked Purple Tuesday with various events and campaign launches.

Greater Manchester and Merseyside

Greater Manchester Sight Loss Council were at the Trafford Centre, delivering Sim-Spec sessions, speaking with retailers, staff and the public about the needs and reasonable adjustments that can make all the difference for blind and partially sighted customers.

Greater Manchester Sight Loss Council members smiling and standing beside a screen that is showing a film titled 'See it my way' - Sight Loss Councils celebrate Purple Tuesday' Two members are also holding a giant cookie that reads 'Celebrating Purple Tuesday!'

Merseyside SLC invited shoppers, retailers and staff to take part in Sim-Spec sessions and learn about ways to improve the experience of blind and partially sighted shoppers.

BBC North West came along to cover the event at the Trafford Centre and speak to Greater Manchester SLC about the difficulties blind and partially sighted shoppers face and how businesses might be losing out on the Purple Pound.

The report aired last night at 6.30 pm. It features a brilliant interview with Mary Gilbertson. It also shows Anthony Gough delivering a Sim-Spec session with a member of the public. Great work, team GM SLC!

Watch the coverage below:

As well as this, Greater Manchester SLC, has produced a video with Sight Loss Council members from across the country, to promote awareness of Purple Tuesday.

York Sight Loss Council

Purple Tuesday saw York Sight Loss Council members visited restaurants around the city to kick off a new scheme that aims to improve blind and partially sighted people’s experience in eating establishments across York.

Through the scheme blind and partially sighted customers will be able to go on a pre-visit to participating restaurants to experience the restaurant’s layout, lighting, location of cloakrooms and menus. This will promote greater confidence among blind and partially sighted customers to visit these independently.

Read more about the campaign

West Midlands SLC, lit up their local shopping centre purple!

Merry Hill shopping centre lit up in purple






West Midlands SLC members posing at Purple Tuesday stand

Our West Midlands Sight Loss Councils were at Merry Hill Shopping Centre delivering VI awareness training with staff and retailers, so that they can experience a shopping trip as a VI person. They asked participants to perform a number of tasks while wearing Sim-Specs, such as: checking the price of a product, finding a piece of clothing in a certain size, all whilst wearing a pair of SIM-Specs!

In conjunction with the event, Black Country Sight Loss Council partner, Merry Hill Shopping Centre will light up the entire shopping centre purple and further promote this event and training.


Read about the event here


Bedfordshire Sight Loss Council

Bedfordshire Sight Loss Council enquired about the disability assistance policy of Lidl stores and in particular a disabled assistance button that is in operation at a store in Bedford. Watch our video with Hubert below!

Inspired to join Sight Loss Councils?

If you want to join Sight Loss Councils and help us influence positive change, we have SLCs in a number of regions throughout the country. Apply to volunteer for a council near you.

Find out more and apply here







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