Health and Well-being

Blind and partially sighted people face a number of challenges to maintain their health and well-being such as: lack of accessible information in health and social care settings, poor mental health and limited opportunities to take part in sport.

We work closely with providers to raise awareness and provide training and resources to help boost blind and partially sighted people’s health and well-being.

During lockdown, blind and partially sighted people struggled to access sport and fitness far more than the rest of the population. Leisure centres were not equipped to support visually impaired people with social distancing measures and sighted guiding advice came far too late from the government.

A third of inactive visually impaired people want to do more sport. This is why we are passionate about working with local sports and leisure facilities to help them understand visual impairment and be more accessible and inclusive.

Evidence suggests that health and social care services are not meeting the needs of blind and partially sighted people. 40% state that information received was not in an accessible format and almost a third find it difficult to access the services they need. (Source: My Voice 2015)

In terms of mental health, blind and partially sighted people also fall below the general population with only one third feeling optimistic about the future often or all the time. They also felt more isolated and less close to others than the general population.

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Our projects

How blind people can get involved in sport and the arts

Greater Manchester Sight Loss Council held a webinar to discuss the benefits of taking part in Sport and the Arts.

Watch the webinar again here


Accessible covid-19 testing

Sight Loss Councils have been working with sight loss organisations to lobby the government to ensure Covid-19 testing and the vaccination rollout is more accessible for blind and partially sighted people.

Learn about our Covid-19 work


Bristol Museum

The Bristol Sight Loss Council has provided advice to the Bristol Museum service on how to make their exhibitions and displays more accessible.

Inclusive Sport

Learn about inclusive sports such as blind tennis, blind cricket and tandem cycling for blind and partially sighted people in these videos produced by our friends at Metro Blind sport.

Metro is your first port of call if you live in London and want to find out more about getting involved with inclusive sport. If you live outside the capital, contact British Blind Sport to start playing inclusive sport!






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