#StreetsForAll: Phase 1: E-scooters and pavement parking 

The first phase of our Streets For All campaign campaign focused on pavement parking and the increased use of e-scooters. Read more on how you can get involved and what we are calling for below:

Irresponsibly parked e-scooters: Share your photos

With reports of badly parked e-scooters on the rise, we want to make the e-scooter operators we are speaking with aware of the dangers this creates for blind and partially sighted pedestrians.

Rented e-scooters are being just left at the top of staircases, outside shop doorways and in the middle of pavements. If you encounter an e-scooter left dangerously on the pavement, share a photo or a video with when and where you found it and explain what the danger is for you, using the hashtag #StreetsForAll. We will then pass on your photo to the relevant operator.

Irresponsible parking of e-scooters is literally putting lives at risk and affecting the safety of visually impaired pedestrians. E-scooter trials need to be monitored more closely and safer parking practices need to be enforced. Share your photos and let’s call for a clamp down on irresponsible e-scooter parking #StreetsForAll.

We are calling for a change in government guidance on e-scooters to include:

· The installation of Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS) on e-scooters.

· A reduction to the current 15.5mph speed limit

· Geotagging restrictions to prevent pavement use

E-scooter Guidance

We strongly recommend the use of guidance for local authorities and e-scooter operators developed by Thomas Pocklington Trust, RNIB, Guide dogs and Visionary.

Sight_loss_sector_advice_for_LAs_considering_escooter_trials (PDF, 172 KB)

Sight_loss_sector_advice_for_e-scooter_rental_operators(1) (PDF, 161 KB)


How should e-scooters sound? Take our survey

As part of our Streets For All campaign, we are calling for The installation of Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS) on e-scooters.

We are conducting research into how AVAS should sound and we would value your feedback.

Fill in our short survey and let us know how you feel e-scooters can be made safer and what sound they should make.

The survey is only five questions long and should take you no longer than five minutes to complete.

Take the survey

A future for safe sustainable transport

Mike Bell, National Public Affairs Lead at Thomas Pocklington Trust writes about the future of sustainable transport with e-scooters safely part of the mix.

Read the article


Pavement Parking

We recommend for a nationwide ban on pavement parking because it represents a real danger to the safety and independence of not just blind and partially sighted pedestrians but also wheelchair users and families with buggies.

Have your say

Fill in our short survey and tell us what you think about pavement parking and the introduction of e-scooters.

Fill in our survey here

Write to your MP

Tell your MP about our campaign. Ask them to support a change in the government guidance on e-scooters and encourage them to get behind our Streets For All ban on pavement parking.

Escooters template letter for MPs (DOCX, 22 KB)

Four easy steps to send your local councillor or MP a message:

1) Go to www.writetothem.com and enter your postcode
2) Select your councillor or MP – if you have more than one you can choose to write to them all. This will create a blank form for your message where you can write your own or use the text from our template letter. Make sure you include your contact details on your form so that you get a reply.
3) Click Preview and Send
4) You will receive a confirmation email – click this and your letter is sent.

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